What not to say in an interview

There are very few people who relish the prospect of interviews. They are such a fine balance between selling yourself so that you tick all the job description boxes and trying to come across as normal person who others would like to work with. With so many things to consider- how formal should you dress, howContinue reading “What not to say in an interview”

Review: London Science Museum

History meets science in the permanent exhibition ‘The making the Modern World’ in the Science Museum which showcases memorabilia from the last 250 years that have impacted our lives. Objects on display range from the oldest steam locomotive from 1814, the V2 rocket from 1945 and the EMI Brain Scanner from 1971. While the inventionsContinue reading “Review: London Science Museum”

Taste of Dublin Hits Iveagh Gardens

For any foodies out there that missed Taste of Dublin recently, below is a recap on what the Irish capital has to offer in the fine dining stakes. This annual food festival, set in the beautiful Iveagh Gardens, showcases food from Dublin’s top restaurants such as Chapter One and Pichet. Twenty restaurants set up campContinue reading “Taste of Dublin Hits Iveagh Gardens”

10 signs that you are hurtling towards 30

I would like to preface this piece by saying that I am a VERY young 28! That said, 30 feels closer and closer and below are several signs that I have spotted in myself and my friends that indicate we are coming to the end of our 20s. Let me know what other patterns you haveContinue reading “10 signs that you are hurtling towards 30”

A brood of hens

With the hen party industry on the rise, Rowena Crowley goes to her first one to see what they are all about.  When you find yourself in fancy dress in the middle of the day, doing a painting of a nude male model and swilling another glass of prosecco, you can only be at a henContinue reading “A brood of hens”

Taste of London

When you find yourself devouring chocolate Malbec lamb gratinée followed closely by fois gras and truffle burger and then jasmine tea smoked ribs to finish off, you know that you have made it in life. Or alternatively, that you are at Taste of London. This year marked the 10th anniversary of the outdoor Taste ofContinue reading “Taste of London”

22 North Street, Clapham Old Town

Local bistro comes out on top It wasn’t an ideal venue for what was clearly a first date. The restaurant was empty except for the couple’s table and mine. As I sat waiting for my dining partner, it was impossible not to observe the awkward first date conversation that was taking place. Both rushed toContinue reading “22 North Street, Clapham Old Town”

Bath Travel Feature

I have a terrible confession. I’ve seen the films but I haven’t read the books. That said, as I squeezed myself into a corset at the Fashion museum in Bath, I was able to relate to Jane Austen. No wonder she wrote such scathing criticisms of society- she couldn’t breathe most of the time. HadContinue reading “Bath Travel Feature”

Why worried parents mustn’t let tragic accidents stop the great gap-year adventure

Irish Independent When tragedies occur, such as the appalling bus crash in Ecuador which killed four young English students and their tour leader, it is only natural for parents to attach a stigma to the country where it happened and try to deter their child from travelling there. Alas, fatal accidents happen the world overContinue reading “Why worried parents mustn’t let tragic accidents stop the great gap-year adventure”

Brazil’s babe

Irish Independent Gisele Bündchen has just topped the Forbes list of supermodels. So what’s so special about Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex, asks Rowena Crowley It would appear that you need more than a pretty face to make it in the ultra-competitive world of modelling. Gisele Bündchen last week topped the Forbes list of 15 richest supermodels,Continue reading “Brazil’s babe”