Taking on the Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters in Sussex has been on my to-do list for a long time. Advantages include:

  • It’s an easy day trip from London
  • It gets some fresh coastal air pumped into those lungs
  • The scenery is knock-out every step of the way
  • It’s well serviced by buses along the way if you decide to pack it in early
  • You can feel smug when someone asks you what you did over the weekend!

The plan of getting the 8am train from London Victoria to Eastbourne failed hugely – we ended up beginning our walk from Eastbourne station at a quarter to 12. Unbeknownst to us, this spelled disaster for lunch plans later in the day!

Our route involved walking from Eastbourne to Exceat and then getting the bus to Seaford station and a train back to London. I would really recommend this approach as it’s a five-hour walk (which could be done in a shorter time but I stopped every 3 minutes to take photos of the incredible scenery!) Some friends previously did the round trip, walking back to Eastbourne but to amateurs like us, that felt excessive! Especially given the walk is rated 9/10 for toughness in online forums.

Here are some of the sights that illustrate why you need to do this walk!

DSC05770Note those rolling hills! Prepare yourself for a lot of them!


DSC05766QAUB6583Still bursting with enthusiasm several hours into the walk!

IMG_7972Bit of a cliff-hanger!

IMG_7964Proper countryside!

DSC05759IMG_7963Some much needed sustenance en-route! The grass on top of the white cliffs reminded me of green icing on a sponge cake. Possibly was quite dehydrated/delirious at that point!

We got to the Saltmarsh Kitchen in Exceat at 4pm. It was open until 5pm so we were salivating at the thought of a feast for lunch. When we got there, we were told the kitchen had closed but crisps were on offer. I had an internal meltdown and was convinced I might not live the hour due to hunger but then pulled it together to walk a bit further to the Cuckmere Inn where I ordered most of the menu!

Lunch fail aside, it is one of the best day trips I’ve ever done from London – get yourself there!

Some final tips

  • Given how strenuous some of the walk is, it’s not necessary to bring 2 coats, 2 jumpers, a scarf, hat and gloves! I ended up carrying a mighty heavy backpack!
  • As you’re quite exposed, suncream and a hat is a good shout!
  • Start early to avoid lunch disappointment!

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