Taking on the Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters in Sussex has been on my to-do list for a long time. Advantages include: It’s an easy day trip from London It gets some fresh coastal air pumped into those lungs The scenery is knock-out every step of the way It’s well serviced by buses along the way if you decide toContinue reading “Taking on the Seven Sisters”

Croaking at Croagh Patrick

I’m embarrassed to admit that until this Christmas, I’d never successfully climbed Croagh Patrick in Mayo. This is despite the fact that my family has a house almost at the foot of the mountain. I had tried and failed in a particularly unfit state several years ago. After the gluttony of Christmas, I felt thisContinue reading “Croaking at Croagh Patrick”

Sunny Stockholm

I recently went to Stockholm with some friends and the trip involved several ‘firsts’ for me, including: 1) AirBnB: I had never stayed in this type of accommodation before. Airbnb.com website that connects people visiting a city to locals who have space in their apartment/house. Great news- we didn’t die! The apartment was centrally locatedContinue reading “Sunny Stockholm”

Weekend in Oxford

I went to Oxford for the first time this weekend. I feel I should dispel some common misconceptions; 1) A wand-wielding Daniel Radcliffe will not jump out at you even though you continually expect it 2) Oxford college is not one campus but instead is made up of colleges and accommodation that are dotted throughoutContinue reading “Weekend in Oxford”

Peaking in Patagonia

Irish Independent Though not known for her love of the great outdoors, the beauty of Argentina’s Patagonia region had Rowena Crowley climbing mountains, traversing glaciers and, somehow, playing bingo on a bus It was only when we had skidded down the mountain, making full use of all limbs, that we saw the ‘Peligroso’ sign whichContinue reading “Peaking in Patagonia”

Road Trip in Ireland

These were taken on a road trip through Louisburgh and Clifden in the west of Ireland and up the Sugar Loaf in Wicklow. While the Sugar Loaf is easy to climb, Croagh Patrick is not! You can see all the Croagh Patrick photos are taken from a distance… I have had one failed attempt so it’sContinue reading “Road Trip in Ireland”

Iguazu Waterfalls

Rainbows and waterfalls…it doesn’t get much better! From the Brazil side you can see the falls from a distance and take in the scale of the 275 waterfalls. On the Argentinian side, you are up-close to the falls and can get a boat right into the cascades! Watch out for the coatis which are nicknamedContinue reading “Iguazu Waterfalls”