Iguazu Waterfalls

Rainbows and waterfalls…it doesn’t get much better! From the Brazil side you can see the falls from a distance and take in the scale of the 275 waterfalls. On the Argentinian side, you are up-close to the falls and can get a boat right into the cascades! Watch out for the coatis which are nicknamed the ‘thieves of Iguazu’- the seemingly cute furry animal grabbed my lunch from my hands and devoured it!

‘Garganta del Diablo’ (Devil’s Throat) by Alfonso Ricciutto
(A poem inspired by Iguazu Falls)

Let your soul be satisfied
with the strange beauty of this landscape
that though you have searched the world in your travels
you can never find anything such as this

Good and evil, dynamic and changing
find it here. From its name.
Keep in your heart, humble man
this constant truthful message

Meditate and feel the deep emotion
contemplating the vibrant paroxysm
that the eternal mist surroundsAnd do not try to describe it with your voice
Just lean your forehead against the abyss
that is the mirror of the word, God

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