Why are we all so ready to get in line and then jump the queue?

Irish Independent I have often been accused of being an overly passive person. However, there is one thing that makes me feel really quite violent: queue jumpers. Nothing could be more irritating than, after standing in line for what feels like a lifetime, having someone push in front of you. Fury Queue-jumpers can be foundContinue reading “Why are we all so ready to get in line and then jump the queue?”

Net now allows us to embrace the inner stalker within us all

Irish Independent Have we all become perverts of late? Technology nowadays allows us to embrace the inner stalker within each and everyone of us. In the age of Big Brother and Bebo, close monitoring of other people’s lives is only a click away. Through television and the internet, we can embrace a novice yet covertContinue reading “Net now allows us to embrace the inner stalker within us all”

Japan: How we unlocked the mysteries of the orient

Irish Independent: ROWENA CROWLEY When you find yourself travelling on a silent carriage of a high-speed train where you daren’t eat or show your shoulders in public, then you know you can only be in Japan. I was travelling with three friends, one of whom had been living there for more than a year, so we wereContinue reading “Japan: How we unlocked the mysteries of the orient”

Maya magic

Irish Independent  With a no-frills budget and no itinerary, Rowena Crowley set off with six friends to see Central America in six weeks I don’t think anyone travelling to Central America for the first time really knows what to expect. Six friends and I set off on a six-week adventure into this land of mysteryContinue reading “Maya magic”

The Self-Help Industry: Scam or Saviour?

Ok, so I’ll admit it- I have always wanted to buy the self-help book He’s just not that into you. If not for fear of the scorn of the bookshop workers or my dislike of online shopping, I could have sorted out any relationship problems (or lack thereof) years ago. But many people, it wouldContinue reading “The Self-Help Industry: Scam or Saviour?”

The Great Gatsby Film Review

F. Scott Fitzgerald died feeling The Great Gatsby was largely unappreciated and misunderstood.  The directors of the three previous film versions of this novella may suffer the same fate as all three were met with poor reviews. The latest attempt is Australian director Baz Luhrmann’s bold and flashy retelling of this great American classic. LuhrmannContinue reading “The Great Gatsby Film Review”

Peaking in Patagonia

Irish Independent Though not known for her love of the great outdoors, the beauty of Argentina’s Patagonia region had Rowena Crowley climbing mountains, traversing glaciers and, somehow, playing bingo on a bus It was only when we had skidded down the mountain, making full use of all limbs, that we saw the ‘Peligroso’ sign whichContinue reading “Peaking in Patagonia”