Why are we all so ready to get in line and then jump the queue?

Irish Independent

I have often been accused of being an overly passive person.

However, there is one thing that makes me feel really quite violent: queue jumpers.

Nothing could be more irritating than, after standing in line for what feels like a lifetime, having someone push in front of you.


Queue-jumpers can be found in all walks of life: at cinemas, in airports, on ski lifts, even in the most wholesome place on earth – Disneyland.

It would be acceptable if no-one waited their turn, if every time something desirable came along it was every man for himself and elbows were raised in an attempt to get somewhere first.

But as it stands, we supposedly live in a civilised society, whereby order and respect for lines should prevail.

Rules are not made to be broken when it comes to queues.

What really irks me is that when a pushy, brazen type feels he has the right to jump in front, that no-one else reacts.

Yes, I am a self-confessed non-confrontationalist . . . but why is it that everyone else in Ireland seems to be of a similar nature?

We will give the said queue jumper murderous stares, not to their faces of course, only to the back of their heads.

We will glance around looking for support, shaking our heads disapprovingly but we won’t say ANYTHING!

Why are we so passive aggressive? If someone stands on our toe, we apologise.


Our lack of directness and complete fear of causing a commotion, while some may consider quaint and charming, won’t serve us well in this fast-paced world.

Those who have caught on to our nation’s passive nature must be having a field day, so confident are they of our inability to stand up for ourselves.

I will only be happy if either anarchy reigns in a world without queues or if everyone learns to respect social certain codes. Otherwise, I might just get violent.

Link to online version: Rant against queue jumpers article- Irish Independent

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