Taste of Dublin Hits Iveagh Gardens

For any foodies out there that missed Taste of Dublin recently, below is a recap on what the Irish capital has to offer in the fine dining stakes.

This annual food festival, set in the beautiful Iveagh Gardens, showcases food from Dublin’s top restaurants such as Chapter One and Pichet.

Twenty restaurants set up camp for the four days and offered samplings of their signature dishes. Over 100 food and drink producers also set up stalls, giving out free samples such as Keogh’s Crisps. It was great to see so many small Irish businesses participate in the event. Below is some of the best food that was on offer:

1. Starter- 777

Slow-stewed chicken taquitos. Tasty morsel with black bean puree and avocado-Mexican heaven! If you are willing to queue and down margaritas while you wait, this restaurant is worth a visit (and is pronounced treble seven if you want to sound in the know).

2. Main- Dylan Restaurant

Fillet of Cod in lemon & thyme batter with chunky chips. This hearty portion was authentically presented in a newspaper cone and was delicious. The restaurant is very focused on quality Irish produce and apparently has an excellent cocktail bar.

3. Dessert- The Chop House

Chocolate Fondant. A chocolate lover’s dream. You need to sample this.

One of the most interesting sessions this year was ‘Dine in the Darkness’ where customers were served three courses in complete darkness that had been prepared by Irish chefs. It was run by Kanchi which is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to change mindsets around disability. Visually impaired hosts served the food and customers had to rely on heightening their other senses to try determine what they were eating. Conversation flowed between strangers as they shared the experience and diners were surprised when the chef showcased the meal in daylight.

Some said they hated squid but liked the dish when they didn’t know what it was! After revealing what we had actually eaten, Bon Appetit chef Oliver Dunn stressed that when ordering food, you should always choose a dish based on the sauces rather than the meat type as that is where the real flavour comes from. The aim of Kanchi is to change perceptions and in this regard, they were successful.

Classic summer’s day in Ireland
Chop House Chocolate Fondant
Oliver Dunne extolling  the virtues of squid!
Oliver Dunne extolling the virtues of squid!

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