Road Trip in Ireland

These were taken on a road trip through Louisburgh and Clifden in the west of Ireland and up the Sugar Loaf in Wicklow. While the Sugar Loaf is easy to climb, Croagh Patrick is not! You can see all the Croagh Patrick photos are taken from a distance… I have had one failed attempt so it’sContinue reading “Road Trip in Ireland”

Iguazu Waterfalls

Rainbows and waterfalls…it doesn’t get much better! From the Brazil side you can see the falls from a distance and take in the scale of the 275 waterfalls. On the Argentinian side, you are up-close to the falls and can get a boat right into the cascades! Watch out for the coatis which are nicknamedContinue reading “Iguazu Waterfalls”

First days in Buenos Aires

‘Any laptops, ipads, liquids?’ This all too familiar airport chant did nothing to reassure me as I went through security before boarding my flight to Buenos Aires.  Argentina had been number one on my travel list for years but as I stood there in my ultra nerdy hiking boots, a Northface fleece and a oversized rain jacket,Continue reading “First days in Buenos Aires”