I’m 28 years old and from Dublin but living in London. I recently decided to leave a job at Google and went travelling to Argentina for three months and then completed a 12 week journalism course in London. I am now in the throes of job hunting so in order to procrastinate effectively, I have set this up! It’s a mix of work that has been published, travel photography, restaurant reviews and some weekly musings/rants.

Some things you should know:

  • Food will feature strongly in this blog as it is what I love best. That said, I am much more skilled at eating than I am at cooking. My limited repertoire includes beef stroganoff, chocolate meringue pie and lemon drizzle cake. Food envy of another diner’s dish is a legitimate fear of mine
  • I have a love of all things Hispanic. There is going to be a lot of Argentina talk on this as well!
  • I have an odd love of taking photos with clouds in them. This will be evident in pretty much every post. Apologies in advance
  • You will never read about belly buttons here. They fill my soul with horror
  • You won’t see any photos of animals either as I’m scared of most non-humans

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Rowena, I just found your blog, looking for Edward Hayes poem online, and I spotted a lovely photo of Granny Una and yourself. I heard of your great trip to Argentina, and hadn’t realised that you’d written a blog, I need more time to read it, but now that I’ve found you, I’ll return to it. Hope all well with you. Lisa C xxx

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