Best brunch in Dublin

Bubbling Brunch

While Britain is well known for having given the world Will and Kate, Shakespeare and the Beatles, a lesser known fact is that the concept of ‘Brunch’ was also first coined in there in 1895 by Guy Beringer. He was a big supporter of the fact that Brunch eliminated ‘the need to get up early on Sunday… (making) life brighter for Saturday-night carousers’. He believed that the social activity of this meal promoted human happiness as it ‘sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week’. If you are looking for this type of happiness, read below for some of Dublin’s best Brunch spots:

Lennox Cafe

If there is any reason to crawl out of bed, this place is it! It has buckets of charm and there is something for everyone with the wide range of dishes, including brunch classics such as Eggs Benedict with minty hollandaise, French Toast and Huevos Rancheros. The food is served quickly (but get there early) and the atmosphere is homely.


This lovely spot is hidden away off South Circular Road. It’s very cosy (read: small) and you feel like you are in someone’s kitchen- the shelves are lined with cooking books and you can see the chefs preparing the food. The menus are hand-written each day to reflect the changing dishes and the metallic teapots make you feel like you’re camping. Tip: Do not leave without picking up some of their homemade baked goods- the brownies will certainly promote human happiness!


It’s an obvious one but this local hotspot has to feature. It’s always busy and even when you’ve booked you’re never sure exactly when you’ll get a table. If you have been a proper ‘Saturday-night carouser’ then nothing else will do except the Breakfast of Champions which redefines the ‘Full Irish’. If you are feeling more functional, the Pint O’ Prawns is delicious although hard work.

Eatery 120

One of many lively brunch spots in Ranelagh, Eatery120 does all the Brunch classics. Beringer was seen as a visionary for incorporating alcoholic drinks into his concept of Brunch and Eatery120 stay true to his Brunch principles in this regard.

If you are looking for an excuse to stay out later on the weekend and skip breakfast, this gastronomic hybrid is your answer.

5 thoughts on “Best brunch in Dublin

  1. I’m gonna throw in my vote for the brunch at the greenery in donnybrook. It’s beside Havana and new but it is excellent, the chef actually came from Lennox. Coffee is only average though. Also, is eatery 120 open again?

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